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Armoloq Manpack Battery System 1280


Offers the field operator the option to have a compact and fully contained battery solution for your VHF/UHF/GMRS radio.  The battery cover is designed to allow direct mounting of a UB1280 sized battery to your TPA with the battery compartment providing protection for the battery, as well as a stable platform for orienting the radio in an upright position.

The system is designed to be adaptable to a large number of amateur, LMR/Commercial and GMRS radios.  More radios will be added to the compatibility list during the first and second quarters of 2024 and you can use the contact page to inquire about a specific radio.   


The battery mounting lid is manufactured out of .083, formed Kydex, and the battery compartment is manufactured out of .090, formed Kydex.  All components are manufactured in the US.

*TPA, radios and other components not listed below are sold separately.

*You will need an Anderson Power Pole connection on the power cable of your radio or a jumper with your radio's specific power connection and Anderson Power Poles on the battery side.

*None of the packages listed below include a battery.  We recommend Dakota LiFePO4 7Ah or 10Ah; you can find them here-

There are other battery manufacturers offering UB1280 sized batteries, but ensure that the battery’s physical size matches the following dimensions-


L- 5.940 (151mm)

D- 2.550 (65mm)

H- 3.780 (96mm)


The Armoloq MBS-1280 includes the following components-

Battery Compartment- 1

Battery Cover- 1

Strap- 1

F2 to Anderson Power Pole cable, L-7in- 1

M-APP with mounting hardware- 1

M-PO mount- 2

M4 screw, washer, and nut- 6

MBS-1280 system weight, to include 10Ah LiFePO4 battery- 3.5 lbs


The Armoloq MBS-1280 is compatible with the following radios and corresponding TPA-














AT-D578, all flavors

Radios to be confirmed January/February of 2024-

Yaeus- FT-857, FT-891, FTM-500, FT-2980

Icom- IC-706, IC-7000, ID-4100, IC-2300, IC-V3500

Motorola- XTL, XPR, and APX


The photos in the gallery below provide a visual of what components are included in each package, as well as a reference for how to install and mount them to your TPA.  

OCONUS orders- please use the Contact Form to provide shipping information and a shipping quote will be emailed to you.

Designed and Made in america

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